Monday, May 11, 2020

The Granicus

Alexander's Conquest of Persia

Late May, 334 BCE

Macedonians under Alexander III of Macedon,  approx. 18,100 (5,100 cavalry, 13,000 infantry)
Persians under Arsites, Satrap of Phrygia, approx. 30,000 (16,000 cavalry, 14,000 infantry) 

First Light: 05:30  Sunrise: 05:56  Sunset: 20:19  End of Twilight: 20:42
(approximate times calculated from U.S. Naval  Observatory based on location. However as the calculator does not figure for dates prior to 1700, this was based mid May for this year. It may have been a few minutes off.

Location: 40° 13’ N    27° 14’ E  Just northwest of the Turkish town of Gümüşçay on what is now called the Çan Çayı.

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